New Patient Fees:
New Patient Visit, 75 minutes: $300    
Children (under 5 years) New Patient Visit, 60 minutes: $240
New Patient, acute illness only, 30 minutes: $120
Home visits are available for newborns, 45 min: $240

Follow-up Patient Fees:
Adult Follow-up, 30-40 minutes: $160
Child Follow-up, 25-30 minutes: $120    

Phone follow-ups (for established patients):
Standard phone consultation, 15 minutes: $60 (a higher rate will be charged if the consult evolves into a longer conversation)

Office visits do not include the cost of any recommended supplements or anthroposophic medicines. Some supplements and anthroposophical medicines are stocked in the office, while some will need to be ordered.

Dr. Reber is not contracted with any insurance company, so requires payment at time of the service. This allows Dr. Reber to preserve both therapeutic freedom and the time to approach your health in a truly holistic way. 

Payment can be made by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard. 

Receipts are provided with the appropriate medical service and diagnostic codes for you to file directly with your insurance company.

Office visits and medications can be paid for through a Health Savings Account, or may be reimbursable if you have out-of-network coverage as part of your insurance plan. 

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice so your appointment may be made available to someone else. For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to its scheduled time, you will be billed one-half the office visit fee.